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Admission – Pre-Enrollment Interview and Evaluation

Pre-Enrollment Interview – Parents of all applicants complete a questionnaire about their reasons for wanting to send their child to VCA and their child’s prior educational history (if applicable). All 9th-12th grade students are also interviewed by an administrator regarding their educational history and desire to attend a Christian school. Parents are required to provide, with their application, reference forms from the student’s former education setting, church, or other designated persons. Acceptance of an applicant is determined after information from the application, interviews, and an analysis of academic levels of a student described are reviewed.

VCA does not review standardized test scores nor administers such a test as a basis for acceptance.


Admission – Priority System

A priority system was established to give families currently attending VCA, TBC church members, and alumni first consideration as openings exist. The order of priority is as follows:

  1. Returning students who have paid the registration fee.
  2. Children of staff members, prospective students who have brothers or sisters now at VCA, and children of alumni.
  3. Prospective students whose parents are members of TBC.
  4. Prospective students not falling in A-C above, by date of receipt of application form, who have paid the non-refundable registration fee.

The Process:

The names of prospective students are received on a continuing basis.

  • January 15 – We notify existing school families regarding registration for the coming school year.
  • February 1 through March 15 – Re-enrollment for children of staff members and present students.
  • March 15 through April 1 – Prospective students who have brothers or sisters now at VCA and children of alumni.
  • April 1 on – Students are accepted by date of application only.